Nothing is better than a warm and cozy sweatshirts this season. The combination of comfy feeling with cool styling makes it one of a kind attire. The best part is that you can style your sweatshirt in so many ways. Like a single sweatshirts makes so many outfits ready. The top 5 ways to style a sweatshirts that makes them more put together and a little less lazy-

With collars

Our favourite comfy, lazy sweatshirts can look professional and sleek at the same time by layering them over a shirt. A signature collar coming out of the lazy neck of your sweatshirt will make it look classy and perfect for an outing. A little hint of your shirt can be used coming out of your waistline out of your sweatshirt for a complete look. You can pair this look with a jeans or any kind of trouser with a smart pair of shoes, and that’s it.

With skirts

It is a myth that sweatshirts only goes with pants or pajamas. It is a perfect option to pair them with a skirt especially for a date night, as this looks gives you a graceful look of an easy going girlfriend. Pair them with a short skater skirt and if you like you may front tuck your sweatshirt. It is a perfect combination of cool and comfy. This outfit gives you a classy look without even trying and on the other hand it is as comfy as it can be.

3.With leather

This may sound a little off the beat but your eyes will not believe how cool it looks if you pair your sweatshirt with a leather bottom. It may be a pair of leather pants or leather skirt, you just need to add a little leather to your outfit. Then pair them with some cute heels and you are done. This bold outfit will change your thoughts about a sweatshirt being lazy and cozy and turn it into a cool and and sexy. You can wear this outfit for any outing and look just stunning.

With shorts and sneakers

This lazy sweatshirt can actually turn into a sporty outfit, all you need to do is to pair them with a pair of shorts and cool sneakers. This is one of the best ways to wear your sweatshirts both outside or inside the house. This cool look can be made even more bold and cute by adding a pair of stockings under the shorts. This killer look will make you too hot to handle. The best part is you can add a pair of signature sneakers to this outfit and change your look every time.

With some bling

It is not just your bottoms which you need to experiment with when it comes to style your sweatshirts, you need to try some blings on your neckline too. Yes, it is true you can add some beautiful piece of jewelry on your neck. A pretty bling on your neck makes your outfit more expensive and a plus point. It is the best way to turn your sweatshirt into something so amazing that you could have never imagined. You can finish this attire with a sleek handbag and no other piece of jewelry is required.

There are endless ways to style your sweatshirt and make it look less comfy and cozy but more classy and expensive look that you can wear on any occasion. Try these top favorites of famous fashion icons and keep experimenting with even more styles. There are many online shopping websites who offers the best sweatshirtslike Myntra, Jabong, Stalkbuylove and that you can give a try.

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